What to do to stop the spread and why? We must wash our hands often. Why? Because we do not even remember all the things we touch including our face. We need to use a face mask when we are close to others. Why? To contain our saliva and nose secretions to prevent it to be in contact with another person. Some are carriers and do not present any symptom, but can be contagious. Face mask is not necessary if you are walking outside and maintain at least 6 feet from others. Why? Because the virus leaves our mouth as a projectile moving forward around 3 feet, end then drop. The distance between 2 individuals then, should be at least 6 feet. Face masks type N95 need to be use only if you are around sick people. These masks have a special filter that prevents to enter 95% of the particles, including viruses, which make difficult to inhale. People with breathing difficulties such Asthma or COPD, children less than 2 years old, or unconscious individuals, are at risk for asphyxiation. To prevent the spread of the virus, home made face masks are enough if we use it properly. We cannot touch the interior part of the mask because is the part that touch our mouth. If we touch the interior of the mask and we are a carrier…we are putting the virus in our hands, which later touch other items around the job/store/car. If we are no sick and touch the interior of the mask with dirty hands, we have a high risk to become infected. Do not visit sick people, or at risk for infections (elderly, children, immunocompromised individuals). Sounds complicated, but is not. It is to remember that each person has the job to maintain a healthy environment. Be responsible, wash your hand, stay away at least 6 feet, use a face mask. Protecting others we protect ourselves. If you still have questions, please call us, consultations are free. English/Spanish (954)908-1560.