Post-Medical Care

Our home health care services are here to help you in the time immediately following medical care to prevent readmission and provide a smooth recovery.

post medical services

Post-Medical Care

Coming from being hospitalized or having an injury, the first concern is the safety and promptness of the recovery. The promptness of the recovery depends on how the person follow the doctor’s advice regarding safety, taking his/her medications on time, attending the appointments, and having the proper nutrition and hygiene.

All those things are very difficult to accomplish when the families are busy or the spouse is not able to drive or understand clearly the orders.

There are questions after being discharged from the hospital that not always are answered or understood:

“Do I have any restrictions on walking, eating, drinking, bathing, lifting? Is there any sign or symptom that I should be watching that may show I am not healing or having a poor reaction? When can I resume my daily routine?”

Smiling Heart is there to assist the client with a smooth and safe transition to his/her normal routine. We drive the client to the doctor’s appointments, assist with activities of daily living, dressing, cooking. making phone calls.
arranging delivery for any medical device required by the doctor, and more

For a mother with a newborn baby, overwhelmed with the house chores. Our Homemakers are trained to take care of her home so she can take care of her baby.

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Please allow us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to assist you with customizing a unique care program to meet your specific needs as we ensure your loved one’s comfort and dignity.

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